Monday, June 2, 2008

Dick's Outdoor Adventure Tour-Michigan

The Leave No Trace e-tour joined forces with Dick's Outdoor Adventure Tour again this weekend in Grandville, MI.  If you have never experienced a Dick's Sporting Goods Outdoor Adventure Tour, this is truly an event for the family!  Whether you enjoy paddling, peddling, camping, or fishing, this event has what you need to be planned and prepared ahead for your next outdoor adventure.  We set up our booth inside the Ultimate Campsite and provided an exciting scavenger hunt for the kids around the footprint.  We also played an activity we call "pick it up".  This activity involves placing empty water bottles around the event tagged with a message to return the bottle to the Leave No Trace booth if found.  It was a great way to introduce people to the principle of Dispose of Waste Properly.  The activity even encouraged a few kids to pick up other trash they found in the footprint of the event.  With over 2.5 million plastic bottles used every hour in the US, it is important to Trash Your Trash, or even better, recycle it!  We will meet up in the tour again in Erie, PA.  Until then...Safe Travels!
~Tracy and Kate, e-tour 2008

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