Sunday, August 22, 2010

Camp Louise: Redux and Restorative

Saturday found us once again at the Girl Scouts’ Camp Louise near Shickshinny, PA for the Heart of Pennsylvania GS Council “2010-11 Kick-off Event.” We entertained over 50 Girl Scout leaders in three different sessions over the course of the morning and afternoon. As we anticipated, each group was lively and engaging, and there were many opportunities to discuss various approaches for presenting the Leave No Trace principles to the girls. Our pitch stimulated considerable interest in the great resources for teaching Leave No Trace that are readily available on our website, and we also expect that there will be a number of new applicants for the PEAK Grants as a result of our presentations.

After the event concluded on Saturday afternoon most of the 200 attendees decamped, and we enjoyed a great swim, a relaxing supper, and in the evening, a quiet walk through the nearly deserted camp grounds to the lake, where we “watched the big husky sun wallow in crimson and gold and grow dim…” In the dusky light, we saw a shy and skittish pair of wild turkeys cautiously cross the now deserted camp commons, marking the reappearance of the camp’s permanent residents. Our own return to Camp Louise was gratifying, it was restful, it was restoring.

From Camp Louise 2

Thanks to Jean Barnes for her warmth and hospitality, and as always, hoping to see you down the road.

Peggy and Barrett
e-Tour 2010

e-word: (re)energized

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