Monday, July 14, 2008

Dick's Outdoor Adventure Tour-Danvers, MA

Dick's Outdoor Adventure Tour in Danvers, MA marked the final days for the e-tour team in New England.  The weather was perfect for any outdoor adventure all weekend long.  We were thrilled to have Dan LeRose, the National Account Manager for Coleman Outdoor Products, join us at the event.  Dan provided a wealth of knowledge on all things Coleman and demonstrated the high-speed grilling capabilities of the Coleman Road Trip grill.  He is a master on the grill!  

The people of Danvers were excited to learn about Leave No Trace skills and ethics.  We had the opportunity to chat with a lot of folks, including boy and girl scouts and an Eagle Scout who was a master when it came to "Bear Canister Trivia".  The kids loved the Leave No Trace Scavenger hunt, as the adults enjoyed a fun game of "How Long Does It Last".  We had lengthy discussions on the importance of disposing of waste properly and recycling.  Do your part to keep our lands beautiful by learning and following the seven principles of Leave No Trace.  

Good Bye New England!  Safe Travels...
~Tracy and Kate, e-tour 2008

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