Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nevada Outdoor School

Winnemucca Nevada is home to the Nevada Outdoor School. They are a non-profit organization that fosters knowledge and respect for all living and non-living things, increases scientific literacy, and promotes ecological stewardship in rural Nevada and beyond. We worked with one of their summer groups today 10 students and 4 NOS staff. The group is setting out on a hiking and overnight trip tomorrow in Water Canyon of Northern Nevada. Their trip offered the perfect setting to teach Leave No Trace, and how to recreate responsibly. During the three  hour awareness workshop we  covered all the Principles, and how they are related to the specific trip they are going on. We focused heavily on Know Before You Go, by playing “How Prepared Are You?” in the Teen Peak Pack. This activity allowed the participants to work together and discuss all the gear needed for an overnight hiking trip, and what questions to ask their trip leaders.  After covering the importance of trip planning we covered the other principles and played a variety of games; Step on It, How Long Does It Last, Stealing the Wow, and demonstrations on Leave No Trace Fires.  We hope the trip is a success in Water Canyon, and sparks many  more outdoor adventures for the group.

Wanted to Thank the Nevada Outdoor School and their staff (Rachel, Jessica, Bonnie, and Amanda) for having us, and hope y’all have an amazing summer!


Happy Trails,

Alexis & Topher 

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