Saturday, June 27, 2009

Skylark Ranch

Yesterday we ran 6 awareness workshops to 124 Girl Scouts at the SkyLark Ranch. The ranch is 300 acres and nestled right between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz on the Coast of California, surrounded by red wood trees in a temperate rainforest. We worked with girls that were 10- 16 years old, and even some counselors in training. The scouts attend week long sessions, with certain activities as their focus like horse back riding,  climbing, sea kayaking,  archery, and primitive camping. We focused on a variety of principles with the girls, and played games from the PEAK and TEEN pack. Two of our last programs at the camp were working with the Gillys or the primitive camping scouts which are some what removed from the rest of camp, and they make and sleep and in tree beds, and truly ruff it! We really enjoyed all the scouts and their amazing counselors at camp! Thank you to Tori aka Batgirl, our program host for everything and having us at one of the most amazing camps we have seen!

Happy Trails from the E-Tour, 
Alexis & Topher 

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love2goskate said...

I was in the program Moonshadows. Im 16, and I still learned a lot from this presentation. I just wanted to say thanks.