Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Sweet Coleman Home

Many folks whom we've encountered in our travels have asked about our life on the road, so we thought we'd provide a glimpse into the routine of our daily migration.

Hoping you can join us down the road for some Saturday night dancing.

Peggy and Barrett
2010 Leave No Trace e-Tour

e-Word: "e-Migrants"


RobertNB said...

Great music, choreography & filming. Peggy and Barrett you created a moment of joy for me as I watched this. Thanks

Dana said...

this is fantastic. Are you guys professionals? LOVED IT!

bee cee said...

totally funny! how are you two doing these days? i have been enjoying spending time with Christine and Betsy. hope to see you both soon!

Adriana said...

Bravo Peggy and Barrett!!!! I see that now you are outdoor professionals. It is really great to finally see what you have doing all these past months. You are doing a fantastic job!

Best wishes from NYC!

Linda&Doug said...

This was the cutest video I've ever seen!!! So much fun-- I have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with your blog today. You will miss touring and teaching almost as much as we have missed you. love, Linda