Monday, October 25, 2010

Pyrotechnics on the Platte

It was time for the Mid-America Boy Scout Council's ScoutQuest, and with our Leave No Trace Subaru and Coleman Pop-Up camper set up near the Order of the Arrow tent and the Quartermaster's station (and flush toilets) at Mahoney State Park near Omaha, Nebraska, we had a splendid weekend for talking Leave No Trace with scouts from Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota.
From Nebraska BSA ScoutQuest
Mahoney State Park, one of the premiere state parks in Nebraska, overlooks the Platte River near its confluence with the Missouri River. We situated our pop-up along the main park road high on a hill that caught both pleasant breezes and scouts making their way back and forth from their troop's camp site to the midway. "Camp Oh-No!" served as a catalyst for discussing good/bad camping practices with cubs and experienced scouts alike. We continue to be impressed with the Boy Scouts' concerted efforts to teach and train scouts and leaders about minimum impact camping, and our Bigfoot Challenge is the perfect complement for this initiative by encouraging youth to teach each other about the practices of Leave No Trace.
It was a long and full day, and by the time the sun was setting we were ready to pack up our Bigfoot slippers and put "Camp Oh-No!" to bed. Outreach can be hard work indeed, but gratifying when you have the opportunity to reach audiences numbering in the thousands. As we took a walk on the outer loop around the park Saturday night, we listened to the ScoutQuest centennial celebration grand finale featuring a performance by the American English Beatles Band followed by a fireworks display that rocked the prairie's expansive night sky. It put an explosive finishing touch on our week in Nebraska.

From Nebraska BSA ScoutQuest

Thanks to Steve and Tommi Foy Jones for facilitating our set-up at the ScoutQuest.

Hoping to see you out enjoying the natural pyrotechnics in the night sky...

Peggy and Barrett
Leave No Trace e-Tour 2010

e-Word: "explosive"

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MAMA JONES said...

Peggy and Barrett-
I am glad you enjoyed Nebraska, just read your blog last night. Thanks again for coming for ScoutQuest, just wish I could have met you in person. Hope the rest of your year is wonderful!