Monday, August 1, 2011

Gum litter, Gum droppers, Gumfitti, Gumpox, oh my!

Next to cigarette butts, gum is one of the largest littering problems in the world. It is difficult to remove, smells bad, does not break down rapidly over time, is a hazard to wildlife, and is a social, visual, health and environmental impact. We have seen gum posts, gum pipes, gum walls, gum on streets, gum on tables, gum on sidewalks, gum in beard, gum on trails, gum in rivers, gum on shoes, gum in hair, gum in lakes, gum in forests and gum in fields everywhere. Used chewing gum is litter, not art. Please remember to Trash Your Trash and to not encourage this widespread impact on the places you play.

Mark and Tara
2011 e-tour team

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