Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Life Wilderness Camp

You've only got One Life, so get outside and play with all your heart! The e-tour spent the weekend at the One Life Wilderness Base Camp in Winnabow, NC. We shared strategies for teaching Leave No Trace with their trip leaders and introduced an enthusiastic group of day campers to the Youth Principles highlighted in the Peak Program.

After a swift, severe, soaker of a thunderstorm the kids decided to show off their version of how to Choose The Right Path... no fancy boots or waterproof gear required!

On Sunday we 'hung' around to sample a bit of what the camp had to offer. A tree climb high into the canopy of a majestic white oak rewarded us with a view over miles of tidal swamp and flocks of snowy egrets. A special thank you to the Bishop family for great company, thoughtful conversation, delicious meals, and fostering a Leave No Trace mindset for future generations.

Mark and Tara
Your e-tour team.

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