Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Four R's

Recently in Rhinelander, WI we learned of one of Bigfoot's buddies, the nefarious 'Hodag'. Rhinelander is the epicenter for sightings of this Northwoods legend. We found a whimsical representation outside of the town library, with a cool twist. On the bottom of the sculpture made from recycled glass we found a homage to the three R's: Rhiduce, Rhiuse and Rhicycle. When we speak about these great ideas, we always include a fourth R. Refuse. When you're walking down the street people might try and introduce you to an event by way of a paper flier. You can always read it, then give it back. You can take a picture with your smartphone. These ways of refusing prolong the life of that item just a bit longer before it enters the garbage stream. Refuse is often a hard one. In our culture we love free stuff, sometimes if we don't even need it. It might be a flier, plastic silverware, ketchup packets, extra napkins, plastic bags, etc. You'll often find that these items are usually single use or disposable anyway. Say it loud, say it proud! "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse!"

Happy Hodag Hunting:)
Mark and Tara

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