Tuesday, September 27, 2011

High Times at Ridgway High

Dateline: Ridgway, CO
The Colorado Tour

Every afternoon when the students at Ridgway High School head out through the main doors of the school they take in a sweeping view of the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness Area, comprised of over a dozen craggy 13,000+ footers that surround the pre-eminent Mt. Sneffels at 14,150 feet. Now, that’s a “Wow” factor for sure to take your breath away, and it’s the sustenance of a fundamental appetite for outdoor adventure.

At Ridgway High, we met with two Outdoor Education classes and came away inspired by the students thoughtfulness and their inbred appreciation for a magnificent mountain landscape that they clearly don’t take for granted. In the midst of so much natural splendor, we were particularly impressed with the student’s awareness of the fragile and irreplaceable archaeological sites in the region, and how highly they value the cultural heritage in southwestern Colorado.

… along the Colorado Trail,
Peggy and Barrett 

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