Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mighty Mississippi

Did you know there was a National Park, right in Downtown St. Paul, Minnesota? Well there is... The Mississippi River National Park Visitor Center is located right along the river in the Science Museum.  The Mississippi River is a 2,552 miles long. The head waters of the Mississippi start at Itasca State Park and go all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico.  A couple of days ago we worked with the wonderful Rangers at the NPS Mississippi River Visitor Center doing interactive Leave No Trace games with museum goers. Just today we were in Itasca, MN at the Head Waters and crossed the Mighty Mississippi!  The Mississippi is a pretty amazing river, and if you are ever in Minnesota you should check out the NPS visitor center, or head up to the head waters to see where it all starts, who knows you might even see Paul Bunyon and Babe his Blue Ox in a nearby town. 

A big thanks to Dan, Amy, and Rebecca for having us at the Mississippi River Visitor Center, keep up the good work! 

Happy Trails......Alexis & Topher 

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