Thursday, May 14, 2009

Paddling the Current

What visit to Missouri would be complete without a river trip.  Last year we were fortunate enough to paddle down the Jacks Fork river in the Ozark Scenic Waterway. Drawn by its beauty we made it a point to return to the area to canoe the Current river. 

As we arrived in the area we were taken back by the storm damage from a tornado just a week earlier. The tornado left trees broken and uprooted, knocked over telephone and power lines, and reeked havoc with homes.  Despite all the damage, once we put in on the river the beauty of the Ozark Scenic Waterway engulfed us.  

One of the first things that becomes apparent is the vast array of wildlife present in and around the river.  The river is teeming with crawfish, fish, and bugs, while turtles, snakes, and water fowl call the banks of the river home sweet home.  This certainly wasn't our first time to the area, but we hope it won't be our last.  

If your ever in southern Missouri, make the Ozark Scenic Waterway part of your plans.  Its a beautiful location and Leave No Trace will help us keep it this way.

Happy Trails, 

Topher and Alexis

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