Friday, May 22, 2009

Rockin' PEAK in Rockford, Illinois

On Tuesday we worked with Five Environmental Science and Biology Classes at Rockford East High School, in Rockford, Illinois. Mr. Dustin Long the teacher of theses five classes, was awarded the Leave No Trace Connect Grant last year. He has been applying Leave No Trace educational materials and the PEAK pack to his Key club at the school. The key club is a group of students who participate in service learning projects, and provide enviornmental stewardship to the campus community. 

While we were on campus we enlightened around 100 students to the mission of Leave No Trace, the importance of Stewardship, and how to start giving back to their community and practicing Leave No Trace. We introduced the students to the Seven principles of Leave No Trace, and ran a couple of games. The activities we ran illustrated How long our trash lasts in our environment,  and how individuals can be the solution to trash around campus. We also discussed what ethics means, and played the Wildland Ethics game. 

Thanks East Rockford High and Mr. Long! We had a great time while in the area, keep up the good work, and LEAVE NO TRACE. 

Happy Trails, 

Alexis & Topher 

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