Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scouting in the High Sierras

While in the Sierras we stopped at two Girl Scout Camps for day long workshops. We trekked up to Arnold, CA to present Leave No Trace to campers at Camp Menzies and Sugar Pine Camp.  Scouts ranging from 8 to 18 years old participated in a variety of interactive games, which enlightened them to the importanceof practicing Leave No Trace, and the impact humans can have on our lands.  The girls were extremely receptive to the information provided and can’t wait to use the skills and ethics while at camp and beyond. 

At the two camps we worked with 180 scouts and counselors in training. We dedicated half of the day at Sugar Pine Camp to work with their 20 CIT's, teaching them how they can teach the younger campers Leave No Trace. Later on in the day the CIT's were able to join us on  couple of workshops for the younger campers and help us run activities, Thanks! While at camp we were also able to see the largest Sugar Pine Tree alive, approximately 400 ft tall and 500 years old. The camp has pictures of the tree from 1900, with the one of the forefathers  of conservation sitting at the base of the tree, John Muir, pretty cool!  

We hope you all have an awesome summer, Big Thanks to all the satff at Menzies and Sugar Pine! 

Happy Trails the E-Tour

 Topher and Alexis  

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