Saturday, July 11, 2009

Monkey-In Around in Berkeley

Yesterday we worked with 60 campers and counselors at Camp Monkey Business in Tilden Park atop the forests of Berkeley, California. The campers were wrapping up a weeklong camp, and we joined them for their last day at camp.  We split the campers into two groups and played a variety of PEAK activities exploring the seven principles of Leave No Trace. All the campers were engaged and ready to share their knowledge about the environment and how they can be stewards of the land.  They definetly have a lot of fun at camp monkey business, and the week long theme was pirates, so we got lots of “YARS” at the end of our session, and rewarded them with some Leave No Trace “Booty” aka plastic reference cards and stickers! Thanks for having us,  and hope the rest of your summer is lots of FUN!

Happy Trails from the E-Tour,

Alexis & Topher 

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