Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fresno Outreach

Yesterday we worked with 10 REI & local non-profit staff at the Fresno, CA store. We conducted a PEAK training before the store opened, teaching participants about the seven principles and how to teach the skills and ethics of Leave No Trace within their community. During the training we ran 6 PEAK activities/modules, discussing how to design a good awareness workshop and facilitate outreach programs. 

Later that day, we worked with the Lemoore Parks & Recreation Summer Camp in Lemoore, CA.  We worked with 46 campers that afternoon, reviewing the principles and discussing their “Green” theme at camp this summer. A couple of the PEAK games we played during the sessions were “Leave No Trace Draw” & “How Long Does it Last?”. The camp this year is acting as the local Recycling center, and campers sort recyclables and make all art projects out of trash items. Pretty cool! Thanks for having us in Fresno and Lemoore, next up Kernville, CA.

Happy trails from the E-Tour,

Alexis & Topher 

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