Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Angel's Loft...

There's a lot of buzz these days about reclaimed, reconditioned, recycled and restored materials going into construction projects. Perhaps it's the quest of procuring an interesting mix of old and new. It might be the warmth of historic barn timber, or the quirky flavor of hand forged square nails that brings together the atmosphere of home for you. For this avian friend it is something different entirely. We found this bird nest built with an infusion of used toilet paper in the backwoods of Maryland. Now, put yourself in this home owner's talons for just a minute. It's not junior's laundry that stinks, it's the walls of your humble abode. One more reason to 'Dispose of Waste Properly'. No wonder our feathered friends target your freshly washed ride. Payback.
Be intentional, not conventional.
Mark and Tara

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