Monday, October 10, 2011

Poster Kids: 7 on 7

Dateline: Lakewood, CO
The Colorado Tour
Poster Presentations at Carmody Middle School
The 7th grade students at Carmody Middle School welcomed our Colorado Tour with a bevy of posters and Powerpoints on the 7 principles of Leave No Trace, which they eagerly presented to us one by one. After Kathi Smith's class threw us their best pitches, it was our turn to talk about human impacts and engage the students in our traveling road show. We presented our always compelling array of human waste disposal tools and techniques, discussed durable surfaces and played a round of "Step on It," and got the students to form a living time-line of trash in our "How Long Does It Last?" activity.

7th Graders and the 7 Principles
We wrapped it up by challenging the students to think about having a positive impact that might last one million years... yep, picking up that carelessly, thoughtlessly, and negligently discarded styrofoam or glass bottle will do just that, become a positive impact that lasts virtually forever.

...along the Colorado Trail,
Peggy and Barrett

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