Thursday, October 6, 2011

Freewheeling in the Right Kind of Way

Dateline: Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood, CO
The Colorado Tour

The Morning Briefing at TKMBD
Over 80 kids and at least that many more parents were ready and raring to roll on Saturday for the annual “Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day” (TKMBD) at Bear Creek Lake Park in the Lakewood community on the southwestern outskirts of Denver. Each participant was assigned to one of four teams, and each team visited four mountain biking workshops: skills, maintenance, rules of the trail, and wildlife encounters.

Wildlife Encounters
The principles of Leave No Trace were an essential part of each workshop, and it was great to see kids, from those with mountain bike training wheels all the way up to singletrack-savvy teenagers, actively engaged in learning new mountain biking skills, safety, and etiquette from enthusiastic, kid-friendly instructors.

Dressing the Part: The COMBA-IMBA Instructors Were Enthusiastic Teachers
After rotating through all four workshops, it was time to ride! Bear Creek Lake Park offers a terrific variety of trail conditions for both first-time and experienced riders, and the beautiful weather and eager volunteers made the day memorable in the right kind of way. The Colorado Mountain Biking Association (COMBA: the local chapter of the International Mountain Biking Association) hosted the event, and we look forward to being included again in the future. Only next time, we'll be riding for sure!

Colorado Tour Gives Thumbs-Up to Mt. Biking LSU Fan 
...along the Colorado Trail,
Peggy and Barrett

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