Sunday, October 9, 2011

Leaving the Right Kind of Trace

Dateline: Fort Collins, CO
The Colorado Tour

Our hearty breakfast at a Fort Collins eatery, the Farmer’s Table, was topped with fresh-cooked apples from a local CSA (community supported agriculture) project.  It was a sustaining meal that gave us a good foundation for our workshop with Dan Dannahower’s class at Poudre Community Academy.  The Academy is a non-traditional (alternative) public secondary school that focuses on a blend of academics, experiential learning, and community service. We were amazed at the variety of learning and service experiences that the group (ages 14-20) talked about during our visit, and we're definitely impressed by the positive impacts that their efforts have on the surrounding community: work involving local trail maintenance, campsite rehabilitation, trash cleanup, and assistance at CSA farms (like the ones that supplied our breakfast meal).

Class members raise a cheer to a Leave No Trace icon.
The "traces" left by Poudre Community Academy have been positive for community and students alike… definitely an approach that could benefit mainstream, traditional approaches to educating kids.

...along the Colorado Trail,
Peggy and Barrett

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