Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall into Autumn...

Living outside has it's perks. The change of the leaves this year so far has been stellar. Moving from the Northwoods of Wisconsin and Minnesota down through Iowa, and into Kansas has shown us some brilliant Fall colors. It reminds us also that we are traveling with our summer wardrobe. With this in mind, we encourage outdoor enthusiasts to 'Know Before You Go'. As temperatures and leaves alike move to lower ground it is important to check local forecasts and engage local knowledge concerning the areas you are visiting. The fire in the Boundary Waters burning for well over a month is a vivid reminder, although caused by a lightning strike, of how ravaging wildland fires can be. Taking the time to be sure that your coals are cooled can make or break an ecosystem. Be safe out there, and enjoy every minute of it.

Be intentional, not conventional.
Mark and Tara

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